We produce creative and different ideas.

We produce creative, different and 100% effective ideas for advertising campaigns, marketing, promotion, branding, POS, packaging, etc. Custom printed graphic solutions, customized and always adapted to the Budget of our customers. We perform and manage all the process necessary for the manufacturation and printing or our products with a global service and all in our local installations of more than 15.000 m2.

• Design, prototype and pre-printing.

• Printing with UV inks.

• Flexography.

• Serigraphy.

• Relief and stamping.

• Lenticular 3D printing.

• Embossed.

• Guillotine and tool cutting

• Manual and automatic gluing.

• High frequency.

• Quality control.

• Handling, presentation and logistic.

High quality materials, very resistant and ecological.

For our product manufacturation, we mainly use high-quality plastic materials, very resistant and with different thicknesses, colors and finishing such as the Polypropylene, PVC, PET and LENTICULAR PET. Opaque, transparent and translucent plastic materials with high durability. We also use and print other materials such as cardboard and ecological paper with special finishing. Ecologic, recyclable materials and 100% conform to different European regulations. In addition to other complementary materials such as adhesive rubber, rubber, magnet, adhesive and removable adhesive, etc.

Customers that communicate, place, differentiate and sell.

Our customers are professionals from advertising agencies, marketing, design, advertising and promotional gifts, corporate gifts, event organizers, branding, merchandising, POS, etc. Customers all with the same purpose: Communicate, place, differentiate and sell all their customers products and services.